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Amazon by atryl

Sorceress by atryl


Megan and Aurora visit a department store to go clothes shopping, and Megan decides to try the newest fashion wear. She’s not used to how they get applied though. They seep into all the nooks and crannies.

I decided to make these “symbiote” suits into marketable products. They get genetically altered for various purposes, and you can basically program them however you want, at no harm to suit or host. Some get tailored for medical purposes. They can relieve stress and lower cholesterol or even  cure diatebes. Things like that. But those models are super expensive. The typical models just look pretty, and you can alter the shape they take at your leisure 

In the next pic we see Megan’s outfit fully applied.


Super Bizarre Friends


Kill la Kill meets Godzilla


The very first sketches for Goligo


METAL GEAR SOLID “Cyborg Ninja” : Revoltech Yamaguchi

10/25 Release!